Hourigan Family Foods

Specialists in Fast Food products including a wide range of Halal foods for the food Industry

Product Range

Breads +

Baguettes (Cooked)
Baguettes (Uncooked)
Big Als Maize Sub
Burger Buns 4" (Seeded)
Burger Buns 4½" (Seeded)
Burger Buns 5" (Seeded)
Burger Buns Plain 4"
Buttered Croissant
Ciabatta B/Als
Crossaints (Uncooked)
Floury Baps
Garlic Bread
Hot Dog Rolls Large 8"
Naan Bread
Pitta Bread
Pizza Bases 12"
Pizza Bases 9"
Pizza Dough Balls 10oz
Pizza Dough Balls 7oz
Puff Pastry (Catering)
Scones Plain and Fruit
Soup Rolls
Tortilla Wraps 10" Frozen
Tortilla Wraps 12" Fresh
Tortilla Wraps 12" Frozen
Vol Au Vonts (King)
Vol Au Vonts (Med)
Vol Au Vonts (Mini)
Yeast Fresh

Burgers +

1/4 Big Al's Burgers
1/4 Burger Rangeland (Halal)
1/4 Burger (Halal)
1/4 Pounder (Retail)
1/4 Pounder B/Als
1/4 Rangeburger
1/4 Rangeland Steakburger
2oz Big Al's American Burgers
2oz Burger Rangeland (Halal)
2oz Burger (Halal)
2oz Rangeburger
2oz Rangeland Steakburger
72's Rangeland Economy burger
8oz Burger
Chicken Batter Burger Halal
Chicken Burger Breaded Halal
Cod Burger Battered x 4oz
Spiced Burger Large
Veg Burger x 4 oz

Cakes & Ice Cream +

Apple Tart Tray/Cheesecake Tray
Apple Turnovers
Black Forest Gateaux
Cheesecake (Baileys)
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Chocolate Muffins or Blueberry Muffins
Ice (Party)
Iced Doughnuts
Jam Doughnut
Maple Pecan Plaits
Plain Ring Doughnut
Plain Scones or Fruit Scones
Sorbet (Selection of Flavours)
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Tubs of Chocolate Ice Cream
Tubs of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
Tubs of Strawberry Ice Cream
Tubs of Vanilla Ice Cream

Cheese & Butter +

Burger Cheese Slices
Kerry Maid Butter
Milk Shake Mix
Mini Pack Butter
Mozzarella Cheese Grated
Mozzarella Sticks
Red Cheddar Block
Red Cheddar Grated

Chicken +

Big Al's Chicken Burger
Big Al's Chicken Fillet Breaded & Battered
Big Al's Chicken Nugget
Big Al's Tenders (Plain)
Boned Legs (Halal) Approx 9kg
Brazilian Fillet Halal
Chicken Balls
Chicken Batter Burger Halal
Chicken Bites Halal
Chicken Burger Breaded Halal
Chicken Fillets Fresh Halal
Chicken Fillets Frozen Halal
Chicken Goujon (Retail)
Chicken Hearts Halal
Chicken Kebab (Catering)
Chicken Legs Large (Halal)
Chicken Liver Halal
Chicken Maryland (Catering) Uncooked
Chicken Maryland (Retail)
Chicken Nuggets Breaded (Halal)
Chicken Nuggets Battered (Halal)
Chicken Nuggets (Retail)
Chicken on Skewer
Cooked Chicken Breast (Halal)
Cooked Southern Fried Breast Fillet(Halal)
Country Fresh Chickens Loose
Diced / Chicken Toppings Halal
Double Breast Fresh Chicken Halal
Drumsticks Cooked S/Fried Extra Large
Drumsticks Uncooked x 10Kg
Fresh Tray Packs Chickens
Frozen Chickens Halal
Goujons Plain (Halal)
Goujons Southern Fried (Halal)
Hot & Spicy Wings (Fryer)
Mini Chicken Skewer
Natural Kiev (Catering) Uncooked
Popcorn Chicken (Halal)
S/F Drumstick & Thigh Portions Mix Halal
Southern Fried Breast (Catering)Uncooked
Southern Fried Chicken Breast (Retail)
Southern Fried Cut Chickens Halal
Spicy Wings (Halal)
Turkey Crowns B/Flys
Vista Batt Goujon
Vista Bites
Vista Plain Goujon
Vista Popcorn
Vista S/F Goujon
Wings Fresh (Halal)

Chips & Potato Products +

Cubes - (Seasoned Potatoes)
Fairway 7/16
Fairway 9/16
Family Fries
Fresh Chips Lutosa 14/14
Green Isle 7/16 Chips (Pierre)
Hash Browns (Catering)
Hash Browns (Retail)
Homefries McCain Chips (Catering)
Lutosa 10/10 Chips
Lutosa 12/12 Chips
Lutosa 14/14 Chips
Mr. Food 7/16 Chips
Mr. Food Steak Chips
Pomm Noisette
Potato Croquettes
Potato Slices
Potato Smiles
Potato Waffles (Retail)
Potato Wedges (Catering)
Potato Wedges (Retail) McCain
Prim Pomme 7/16 Chips
Roast Potato (Catering) McCain
Roast Potato (Retail) Aunt Bessie
Shoestring Chips
Twisty Fries

Drinks +

7/Up (Bottles)
7Up Free (Bottles)
7Up Free (Cans)
7Up (Bottles)
7Up (Cans)
Capri Sun
Club Orange (Bottles)
Club Orange (Cans)
Coca Cola (Bottles)
Coca Cola (Cans)
Coke (Bottles)
Diet Coke (Bottles)
Diet Coke (Cans)
Fanta (Cans)
Lucozade Original (Bottles)
Orange/Apple juice Cartons
Still Water (Celtic) (Bottles)

Eggs +

Bales of Egg Cartons
Free Range Eggs Large
Large Eggs Loose
Large Eggs Pre-Packed
Liquid Eggs (Pasteurised)
Med Eggs Loose

Fish +

Battered Cod
Battered Haddock
Breaded Haddock
Breaded Plaice
Cod Goujon
Cod Slabs
Donegal Catch Chunky Cod
Donegal Catch Cod
Donegal Catch Haddock
Donegal Catch Whiting
Fish Cakes 2oz
Fish Fingers G/Isle
Frozen Cod IQF
Frozen Plaice IQF
King Prawns
Nolan's Cod Portions (Catering)
Prawns in Filo Pastry
Salmon Steaks
Scampi (Catering)
Smoked Haddock
Smoked Kippers

Meats +

Bacon & Pork Sides
Chicken Kebab Blocks (Halal)
Doner Kebab Bkts (Halal)
Doner Kebab Meat Blocks (Halal)
Philly Steak Rangeland
Pizza Ham (Halal)
Pizza Ham Stamp (Halal)
Pork Chops Packed
Quicky Kebabs Big Als Sliced
Rashers Rindless
Rib Steaks Big Als
Salami (Halal)
Sliced Pepperoni (Pizza Toppings) Halal

Oils, mayo +

Barbeque Sauce Squirter
Batter Flour
Blenders Garlic Mayonnaise (Bucket)
Blenders Real Mayonnaise (Bucket)
Blenders Salad Mayonnaise (Bucket)
Bread Crumbs
Burger Sauce
Chilli Sauce (Sweet)
Cooking Fat (Beef)
Erin Complete Curry Powder
Garlic Mayo Squirter
Hourigan Oil
Jalapino Peppers
Kentucky Gold (S.Fried Chicken Coating)
Kentucky Gold Lemon & Black Pepper
Kraft Mayonnaise (Bucket)
McDonalds Curry Powder
Mustard Squirter
Peeled Tomatoes
Pineapple Chunks
Pizza Flour
Pizza Sauce
Prep Oil Heavy Duty
Pure Veg Fat
Rice (Basmati or Long grain)
Salt Sachet
Self Raising Flour
Sweetcorn Kernels
Taco Sauce
Taco Spice Mix Powder
Tomato Ketchup - Bucket
Tomato Ketchup Squirter
Tomato Ketchup/Vinegar - Sachets

Vegetables +

Baby Carrots
Carrot/Parsnip Mix
Corn On Cob
Country Mix
Diced Swede
Garlic Mushrooms
Garlic Mushrooms (Retail)
Mixed Peppers
Mixed Veg
Onion Rings
Raspberries/Strawberries/Forrest Fruits
Samosas Mini (Veg)
Sl. Carrots
Sliced Green Beans
Spring Rolls Large (Veg)
Spring Rolls Mini (Veg)
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn Kernals
Whole Green Beans